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Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.


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3 minutes ago, Kensho1996 said:

you know IF you left the chat down toll BDO came out there would be a lot fewer spammer maybe (or a month and at least we would have peace for a little bit)


NOT that it is the correct solution but it makes me ponder it

I don't want peace from the spammers if it means non of us can use the chat feature. D:

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1 minute ago, jwhennies said:

how can you break more stuff than fix well done

sadly THIS is what happens when you patch one thing you might find a conflict with something that has a requirement that is suddenly not met or that causes a cascade effect that crashes something else ..


patience IS a virtue

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48 minutes ago, Lup said:

Now I'm not one to complain about maintenance and technical problems. Things happen, but how do you take the game down to fix it, yet break it even more?

Region and Faction chat aren't working.

Shhh. Maybe the bots will go away and by the time chat is fixed we can have a normal working chat...


In all honesty though I can't tell the difference. Aside from faction chat I just avoid any other tab so even though I can't talk to my fellow blues i'm not seeing this as a total loss... 

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6 minutes ago, Voretechz said:

Who the hell even uses Faction chat? It is so filled with spammers that I can't read it any ways. I just disabled it.

A lot of people use faction chat, we just block the spammers.

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15 minutes ago, JusticarGames said:

Oh no..problems at the beginning of a launch for a new game. Better go flame the forums. Nailed it! 10/10

Did u even read the thread? at the first day of this game was amazing,after the "hotfix" it went to shit

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