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Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.


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So why not give it more time to translate? I'd rather them take a bit longer than to break the entire chat. Guild chat also does not work now, and now they're going to have to take the game down again.

All chat functions except for whispers (Haven't tried it) are broken.

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7 minutes ago, Lup said:

Now I'm not one to complain about maintenance and technical problems. Things happen, but how do you take the game down to fix it, yet break it even more?

Region and Faction chat aren't working.



1 minute ago, miki80x said:

:)) Well it solved bot spamming issues now it's perfectly silent, can't read or post on any chat T.T

This is what i was going to post till you neat me to it

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7 minutes ago, Lock6 said:

Hi Everyone,


We're aware of this issue and are currently investigating.


Thank you for your patience.

you know IF you left the chat down toll BDO came out there would be a lot fewer spammer maybe (or a month and at least we would have peace for a little bit)


NOT that it is the correct solution but it makes me ponder it

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No, the new update doesn't allow you to use chat channels in certain regions, it was the most autistic way to solve the gold spamming problem, but they don't seem to use basic logic when updating a game everyone had high expectations for.

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