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Cant use LMB while moving!

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Hi Everyone!


As the tilte said I cant use my LMB skill if i move. I am a Blade Master, and as i saw on youtube videos other players use this skill while running around a mob, but i cant.

I have to stand still if i wanna use LMB! 


Is it normal, or i have some mistake in my stuff? I tried to change mouse to a wired one, but no use. 


Please make me smarter! :) Thx for help!!


Another quick question: How can i search in this forum? :)

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If you're using a laptop, some have the option to disable Keys when the mouse is pressed and vice versa (because of the touchpad).

You should be able to turn that off in the system options (probably the mouse section).


The search option is located in the upper right corner, over the green "Follow this" thingy.

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