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Respawn Area + Reading Quests


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I thought about these two things that's reallly bad for me. First of all at respawning areas give some meters for protection so the enemy can't camp there and kill you before even load the game for respawn. I have done it done it to many people and many have done the same to me but it's a bit of ridiculous way to kill an enemy. The other one is the killing when someone reads the Quests. I know many people just spam "F" button to finish talking and go on with Quests and fast level up but because i am trying to level up my first character and i really enjoy reading Quests and learning the story it's so irritating when someone attcks so that time.

Two good ways to prevent that thing are to set an icon over character's name-head who are on "Quest Talking Screen" so others will be unable to hit them, or change the "Quest Talking Screen" to a Quest Window like inventory so players can watch their characters and same time read the Quest.

Open World PvP has no rules i know that but that's unfair for players also i love Open World PvP more than everything and that's why i like that game.

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