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I don't have the Invitation from Poharan....

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Adding this for anybody on the forum browsing this thread:


To get Poharan's Invitation you need:

1) Player above Lv 43
2) Epic Quest Act 3 Chap 13 ‘Shadow Leader’ quest clear
3) Player located in the Moonwater Plain area (When PC is in other areas such as Cinderlands, the quest will not be activated even if condition 1 and 2 are satisfied.)
4) Dokumo weapon to be equipped to enter the dungeon

Also, even if Poharan’s Invitation quest was abandoned, it lists up again on the quest list.

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1 hour ago, Dlacik said:

I think the Dokumo weapon is only needed for entering through dungeon lobby. You don't  need it for quest or for entering the dungeon by walking there.


Correct, you can walk in. Attempted it with a mix of randoms. First boss requires a Force-Master we learned. We didn't have a Force-Master, lesson learned. Maybe tomorrow.

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I forgot to check reddit. Thanks for letting us know we need the Dokumo weapon. It was bugging the crap out of me that I wasn't receiving her invitation. I did the E. Fleet Supply Chain dailies and everything. I've even killed her in there and still didn't receive it so I thought I was doing something seriously wrong! lol

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Was going nutz  on this one too.


The invitation quest is given to you through the quest log ( button J ).  Actually don't know when it arrived, never noticed any kind of notification in the chat window.  Anyhow, when you open the quest log, there are a row of tabs, click the 2nd one - Quest Letters - and it can be found there.

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