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Destroyer Vs Kungfu Master Arena Video

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I'm a destro currently hovering at 1750 (edit: damit now im 1739). KFM's at that level mostly know how to avoid red spin/stun lock. I've tried it.. failed to many times. Gotta start learning properly now I guess. 


It's a shame you can redspin up to 1700. Doesn't teach you at all how to play. I've been bouncing between 1700-1750 for 2 days because I didn't need to know how to play to get up that high lol. Now i'm playing blade cancers and assassins that kite all day and KFM's that make me waste my tab and stunlock/kill me. I wish there was other classes to play against at that rating.


Oh red spin still works against summoners at that rating. Have at it. they don't know what to do to get out of it.

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