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Ebon Hall Lags game unplayable


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since yesterday i am unable to play on Ebon hall server i log in fin but combat and response time Aka LAG is pathetic 5 to 8 sec lag !


Anyone else face this problem?


i feel so ripped off i bought premium i cant even use .


NC soft if you are reading Please help since the lag the game is unplayable for me!


my internet is fine a 6 mb connection also checked pings with other EU based games i got 140 ms no lag yes even wildstar Ms is steady!



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Please be aware that bumping threads in this way is against the forum code of conduct.


I have moved this thread to the player to player support subforum where you are more likely to get a positive response.

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Strange, I swapped to Ebon Hall server to join up with friends. My old server (Cardinal Gates I think) had wait times of up to 30mins but Ebon Hall lets me straight in and I have no lag issues. Could it be a problem with your RAM, processor or graphics card? I'm not sure how much RAM Blade & Soul needs or how processor heavy it is either.

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