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E02016 (FIX)


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If you are getting E02016 in your luncher while you are updating BnS for a newer version i found a fix after lots of failing tries,here's the steps

1. When getting the Error look for the file that is corrupted for example   startzone_act5_terrain.umap
2. Go to your game folder-->Contents-->bns-->CookedPC
3. Type in the search bar the name of the corrupted file
4. For safety Right click and Cut and then paste it somewhere away from your game folder
5. Open the game luncher again and it will automatically download the files that are missing without bugs this time
6. Good luck and don't rush the game lvling,enjoy every sec of it cuz its worth it ^_^

I hope this helps cuz i had this problem and i was about to cry blood cuz i really love this game 

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Tried it all the time always get the same data corrupted, never saw such a shyt in any MMORPG in the last 15years ...
This error is the worst i ever seen. 
At least i can spent my money i would place in this game anywhere usefull.

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