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Lycan Wolfskin outfit

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2 minutes ago, Roda said:

The forums glitched out in a way that it looks like Yaviey specifically made this post to cheer on a singular user.

And I think that's swell.


Haha that was strange! Should be fixed now. ^_^;

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2 minutes ago, LikhMiTeaus said:

I've been farming this outfit for at least 3 hours now....and it's not dropped at all. No part of it. I have a whole lot of this though ...



Are you on Jiwan? I'll help you farm.

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been running the first boss to try the wheel everyday since launch (and first day I was there for a long time) and still not a single piece on my 1st character BUT the 2nd one has gotten 3 chest and an extra head item in a couple days (I got all the chest items while TRYING and failing to get my weapon and a full soul shield set)


sometimes the randoms are just a bit unfair


GL though

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I spent 18g the other day to get all the wardrobe collectibles (costumes/adornments) from all the wheels. What killed me was King Kaari's costume and 1 of Profane Jiangshi's adornments (I got 5 of the other adornment...). The latter I spent around 10g on alone, running side and side on both wheels since they're close to each other (until I got other people really mad and one of them even tried to report me me for spamming).


Keep trying, you'll get it eventually.

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