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"Implognito" quest bug?

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I'm wondering if anyone else is having the issue with the side quest "Implognito" in the Moonwater Plains/Sapphire Basin/Outside the Croak King's Court.


The quest tells you to kill rebel lieutenants and prison guards to reveal a certain mob called Qingwa. I did as it said and after around 40 minutes of killing around the area, nothing spawned as a result. Then I noticed the line in the quest instructor that said "kill Qingwa" was grayed out (not crossed out though) even though all the former requirements were still lit (the ones saying kill the guards and lieutenants). The kill area circles were still on the map.


I dropped the quest and retook it. This time, I noticed there was one of those objective arrows in the names of the Rebel Lieutenants (though oddly not on the prison guards)- BUT as soon as you killed one, the whole grayed out thing happens again, the objective arrow disappears, and Qingwa does not spawn nor does the quest finish. I went on to the next area to check this.


Am I having extremely bad luck with spawning or is this a bug?


tl;dr: "Implognito" quest won't spawn Rebel Lieutenant Qingwa and has a few buggy interface things going on.

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Ok like you i ran into the same problem. What i ended up doing was dropping the quest like 3x picking it up and relogging. I then killed a few Lieutenants and he spawned at the same spot the Lieutenant died at the spring water icon. Good Luck :)

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