....... I just don't get it....   1. Massive ping changes   this doesn't only happen to me. I saw it happening to multiple people. this is critical in your main content which is PVP   2. jump dodge confirmed   I saw lots of people jumping and literally dodging attacks, this was not only confirmed by me and other pvpers but also by professional players as well. Its not because of evasion rate they are dodging, they just dodge.   3. sometimes skills are on cooldown but shown as active   how are you supposed to calculate your deal cycle when it shows as though you can use it?   4. in open world pvp you can just press escape to leave? thats broken....    5. so many areas that are still hard to reach or run   like in yehara's mirage its impossible to run, some invisible thing blocking....   6. literally super random things happening in pvp your in mid air, not EVEN close to ground. this guy rushes to you and stuns you(using the air dash that stuns you)   7. sometimes you cannot revive you are killing blackwyrm. you are one of those people who sacrifice yourselves to deal most amount of dmg. You die when blackwyrm has 10% hp. you try reviving. nope. you can't try escape. nope. you can't. you don't get the box. too bad. people who were waiting till last moment to deal just 1% dmg gets it while you who did a lot more than them and spent more time doesn't get it.   8. no vote kick in cross server dungeons we all want moonwater tears. this guy comes in dungeon, sits at the door, and just afks while you all kill dungeon mobs. Its finally loot time. This guy comes back to life and bids. really?       ?????????????????????????????   Some bugs are ones that I saw in korean CBT(and never played) ....... and they still exist.............. are they actually trying to solve these issues or not?