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This new crash is not Razer/Synapse/Wtfast or any of that.


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We already have Ncsoft representatives suggesting it's the same problem we've had for weeks; it is not. This crash since patch is new.

Let's consolidate our information:


1) Synapse has never been the problem. The problem is specifically "Razer SDK Service" and "Razer In Game Scanner". Both of which can be disabled via show all users in your task manager > processes. Close those. You can have Synapse running without them without crashing. 


2) Wtfast/Ping Reducers


3) Firewalls



These were all problems. Problems we have known about and found work arounds for. Since the patch this morning people can't even get the game to load past the emblem. We launch the client. We log in. Client loads. Send log crash. 


File repairs are fruitless

Reinstalls are fruitless

Restarts are fruitless


I've already attempted without any external programs running. This is specific to this morning's patch.


What can it be.

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