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I saw an optimization guide on reddit, and wanted to ask: Has anyone tried it?


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I am referring to this link. Where there are a number of steps i don't particularly want to take to improve frame rates. Reportedly people are going from 10-30FPS --> 100 FPS which sounds amazing.

I have a Nvidia GTX 970M and for the most part i get 13 FPS. 13. I was expecting to get about 5x my current FPS (my drivers are up to date!) I love this game, but graphically it must be poorly optimized, so if there is anyway to remedy this i would be intrigued to try it. The only reason i haven't is because i do not know the site thats being talked about in the linked thread, and i don't fancy the idea of moving .exe files around.

Has anyone tried it?
- if so - did it work.
- if not - what were the reasons for not trying it / is it potentially dangerous.

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