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Allocate more RAM to BnS


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So when i first started i was able to play it all fine and everything, but now that i am in the lycandi foothills i crash anytime i get into a heated battle everything freezes and such, my pc is is on the medium high end of specs. I was wondering if there is any way to allocate more RAM to BnS (i have 16gb of ddr3 Corsair Vengeance Pro). I try to set priority using task manager but it keeps on telling me i don't have perms even though i am admin account. I run pretty much everything else fine, but no matter what i do i can't even get this game to go past 20fps on lowest setting


I am using Windows 7 Home prem(64bit)

Processor= AMD FX8320 8core 3.5ghz Vishera

16gb dual channel DDR3 1666mhz

motherboard= MSI 970gaming

Graphics=AMD Radeon R9 270 2gb


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That's weird, because you should be able to play that game easily with those kinds of specs.


I have two computers (one desktop and one laptop equipped with eGPU) to run BnS for both my fiancee and I:



CPU - i7-4790k

RAM - 32 GBs


Results: Easily runs at a steady 60fps, and 50~60 in heavy environments with max settings (with max AA), and even 45~60fps & 38~60fps respectively in 4K (no AA).



Lenovo x230T

CPU - i7-3520m

RAM-  16 GBs

eGPU - GTX 750 Ti

Results: 35 ~ 45 fps (22~35 under heavy environments) on max settings (no AA), 45~60 fps (38~50 under heavy environments)


RAM does not play a factor with you freezing (nor should it).

It sounds to me either the game wasn't installed correctly, or your CPU processor (maybe in graphics card) is not playing well due to some weird config setting.

Consider re-installing the game first. If that doesn't work, look into your BIOs and try updating to the latest drivers. If that doesn't work, try updating your graphics card.


Regardless of the problem, they all point to some form of registry error.

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just to give you an idea how well your system should be running this game, I play it on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and I only have 8GB RAM and integrated intel HD graphics. plus I can have everything set at high for my graphics and not have an issue anywhere in the game.  If you are having crashing issues during situations where there is a lot going on graphically I would say you either have a faulty GPU or you need to make sure all your drivers are up to date. Again I play on the Surface Pro 3 and have no issue so investigate your graphics first and if that isn't fixing it then you could also have a bad WiFi connection to your home router or your isp is filtering the game traffic poorly causing lag spikes that prevent your system from updating with the server efficiently.


Good luck

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