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need advice as a blade master :/


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with a bad win 46/88 loss  i really need advice... every time i block i get INSTA countered with a kick, EVERY TIME. when i try to kick them it doesnt work.


when i kill a summoners pet within 10 sec of the game and has the summoner alone i sitll tend to die from him :S 


vs assassins i can never charge them so how do i deal dmg and how do i counter them,


vs kung fu masteres i consistently gets countered and cced for half my hp in 1 long cc chain. that i cannot seem to get out of.


vs blade dancers they just spam spin and i cannot get any dmg into them at all.


vs other blade masteres i also loose.. i dont know what i do wrong, i know my ablites in and out but its the way i execute that needs work.  

i got my combos setup but its a shitass long combo that every1 seems to get out of fairly quickly even if i cc chain them forever. they just press F when they land on my bladecall and get out insta, even if i use cc to hold them down, 


how do you counter anything as this class. i am struggeling on 1550-1580 and i cannot get over that , then i just get farmed by assa or summoner when i get to 1580, every time with no exception


destroyers is easy enough though, not having any real trouble with them but i got my spec setup perfectly yet i loose.. how can i 'get gut'' , help me pros :)

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