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summoner blocked at the familiar choice!!!


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I'm having trouble with the familiar quest on europeans servers.
I've played on the russian bns in the past just to try it out and i haven't had any problem by choosing my familiar, i accepted the quest chose the cat and inserted its name so i could continue.
Now that we finally have an english version of the game i cannot play because i'm blocked at the familiar choice!

I tried to restart the game, the computer and my router.l I also unistalled the game and redownloaded it again then i tried to abandon the quest but i can't and finally tried to go on "escape" but nothing changed.
I've made another summoner and had the same problem, i also asked my friends to try out if it works with their account but they have exactly the same problem.


I try out to explain exactly what happens:

1-   I press F key to speak to the cat and he speaks

2-   i go onto “next”

3-   i click on “select quest”

4-   i select the quest which is called "Chapter 4: Master Hong's Summons"

5-   everything begins again!


Obviously i also contacted the support and they said "we are going to investigate" but i thought that meanwhile i can try to ask for help on the forum maybe someone had the same problem and solved it.


Thanks in advance for everyone who tries to help me! 

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Many of my friends and others I know also has this problem too! THIS IS A SERIOUS GAME BREAKING ISSUE! Uninstalling and all of that do not fix this at all, even a clean reset on the computer doesn't fix it! This is happening in North American Servers also! Hopefully this will become more noticed! 

We've tried other ways to solve it too but just can't get it fixed. I think BnS released a bad patch update or something. This truly is on them since many others have this problem too. BnS support needs to fix this.

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