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Blackwyrm - a fine example of how NOT to do a world boss


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Posting it here aswell because it's half complaint half bug report anyway and people spam General Discussion with the most worthless garbage. Copy & paste inc.

The entire fight is one zergfest. That isn't necessarily terrible but it REALLY is in a game where your contribution seems to reset if you release (my friend didn't get anything other than the achievement despite being there the whole fight) which you inevitably will have to because the damage is insane for a game without dedicated healers.

That isn't my problem though. My problem is that with this many players the game glitches out hardcore. After 30% and many, many deaths, I suddenly couldn't resurrect anymore. Ability 1 and 4 glitched out entirely, 2 and 3 still worked. Couldn't move either so it was nigh impossible to res me and I couldn't get past Near Death state. Relogging is a no-go since the queues are still bloody years. The biggest problem for me is that 3 still worked. I obviously panic'd a little and spammed all the keys, instantly unequipping my uniform. There goes my contribution for ANYTHING. I watch the last 30% in Near Death state thinking about how badly you folks screwed up on this and then contemplated the fact I wasn't going to get anything. And indeed, I didn't even get the achievement let alone a loot chest.

This game lacks any form of endgame whatsoever. Having the one endgame world boss worth a damn bug out THIS badly isn't going to help keeping people interested in playing.

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