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Dead on entry needs fixing.


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It's not rocket science. You don't have to load to enter new zones all the time, not even all the dungeons. Even if you get knocked down you can ressurect yourself or have another player do it. So why must we persist on having to load on a respawn only to get griefed or killed by npcs? I can understand the whole concept of pressing 3 to remove the outfit but by A. Having no safe spawn zone or B. having loading in immunity it just means most the time you sit around waiting to be killed when you just want to have fun and re-engage in a good fight of skill and wits. Whilst the aggrevasion of the constant server ups and downs is possibly fueling the irritation much more, i.e when you lose connection you can't remove said faction outfits and log in to a bunch of npc's stomping on your head or you are actually just instantly crawling to save yourself before you get a chance to breathe yet alone move.


The other NC pvp games you either zone in fast so the damage you take is inconsiquential or you have a temporary immunity til you take a step or the time runs out, in B&S you get bored waiting for a bar to fill to find out you got killed and potentially get griefed some more or lose connection to the game all together. I do my fair share of ganking and what not but if your competition is a motionless block of pixels it kind of drains the fun to the point the game itself isn't worth playing (let's face it the story is just like a really bad martial arts film of about 1 hour 30 mins stretched over potentially 72 hours of game time max). The rest of the game, and story drags so hard so why kill the only fun element?


It's already evident the cash shop will support the gear dependant "whales" (as the industry likes to call them) for their instant class related gear keys et al so they probably will fund the game. But I'd rather pay an actual subscription for better servers and loading times rather than an p2 advance fee which would end up costing me more money in the long run. I'm not saying I don't like this game either, I just will lose interest and do something else which  I am afraid I do a lot now with every NC game the past 5+ years.

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