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A letter for the Newbies and Noobs


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for all of you Newbies and Noobs, stop asking for nerfs. If you are not lvl 45, sitting around 2.2k rating you can't say shit.

Excluding the asian servers (obviously DUHH) the game isn't even out yet for that long so you can know everything about every class in PVP. so take your time, lvl  up, learn your class, learn how to play against every class and then just THEN you might have something usefull to tell the devs so they can improve the game.




Ps.: every game is the same shit, pvp forums are flooded with noobs and newbies crying instead of usefull information,guides or even topics to discuss a certain strategy or class, stop spamming the forums! i don't think this will change anything but i wanted to trash talk a little bit, peace.


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