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Login and Pin error`s FIXED


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1) Update your Razer Synapse:Open your Razer Synapse then click at the gear icon at the right top corner,then update 

2) Now you need to ACTIVATE your Razer SERVICES,press CTRL+ALT+DEL then go for services and click at the services bar or type services at the start search bar,then loock for RAZER CHROMA SDK SERVICE and RAZER GAME SCANNER,then click on it and loock for ACTION at the left top corner,click on it then go for propierties,now loock for start option and activate it by clicking at automatic option

3) Now you need delete GAMEGUARD folder,go for you game directory (C:programsx86/NCSoft/BnS//bin/GAMEGUARD    in my case) and delete gameguard folder,then restart your computer

4) FINALLY open your game (Blade & Soul,of course  -_-),  it will automatically download GAMEGUARD again,it will take a few seconds

If this doesn`t help you i dont know wath to do

Sorry about my English,i tryed my best for help you guys :D   .


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