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Item Name bug (Paulownia or Yulan Magnolia?)


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i don't know if this is just me or everyone feel it too, when i tried to do crafting i found an item that not same with the list of recipe,

when i try to find the mats for my The Merry Potters recipe on market. there i found some different between name on the market list and when my mouse hover to that item. and also when i tried to search that item with hover name item, the item was not found on the market. but when i tried to search it with item named on the market list, i found it.

please this could be make people confuse and also make them difficult to found item on the market. and also i just found this one item that had different name between on the market list and hover name, i don't know if there another item like this at there.24biv77.jpg

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