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Marketplace Error: Since support is useless


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That marketplace


As you can see, pretty much unusable. My initial request:


The marketplace text is incredibly scrunched up, barely readable or able to be selected and items don't even have text if they come up at all. Cannot enter text in the search field at all. Attempted several restarts, full system restarts and two full file repairs but still it shows up terribly and unusable.


Since then I have been told:

#1 Response: Unknown issue, forwarding to Dev Team, you will get no further responses and wait on comment in the forum advising of this issue being resolved.
Me: Unacceptable, you must at least have suggestions of how to correct this.

#2 Response: Do a file repair.

Me: Automated responses are nice and all but as you can see I already did that. I will do it again anyways in case an update fixed that. Nope, still bad.

#3 Response: Oh, now this is a known issue and you'll have to wait for us to fix it.

Me: Okay, now I'm angry. Unknown issue, then solutions I have already tried, now a known issue. Why release a game that you cannot even get one of the most important fundamental facets of the entire game economy working in?
#4 Response: Try using the Vault Merchant to sell items. F5 is only meant to see what items are on sale. Hope this resolves some of the problems.

Me: Yes. That is why I am currently talking to the Vault Merchant in my screen shot, I have never used F5. This did not help at all.


My brain just hurts at this point. Does anyone who actually bothers to read and look at screenshots have any suggestions? I have even just full reinstalled now and still have the issue but apparently almost everyone can use the market just fine.


Edit: Not sure why some of the text has a white back, sorry.

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