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Summoner in depth guide


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Hey guys, I'm a 45 summoner and i really have a hard time with Assassins, Destroyers and Blade Dancers. Before there are comments like "lol summ OP", "WTF ur Summ, just right click them to death" etc. pls consider, that I also have a FM, which is getting raped in Arenas. I want to play a caster, and the only alternative to FM is Summ. Even though I am one of the most hated classes right now, I want to become better.


ATM I play around 1800 and I am just pressing buttons. I don't really know what I am doing, but somehow the opponent dies (which shows how retarded Summ is). But I want to change that. I do not want to profit just by being a summoner. I want to become better. And as I said, I already have a 45 FM and I don't want to reroll to anything else, cause I hate leveling and love my two casters (even though I have a VERY hard time with FM). The hardest part for me is to find an actual Guide out there. There is none. Even my skills I had to find through the Video series that I have posted below.



They are stealthed, and while they are, they are *cricket*ing up my pet or me with some kind of lightning strikes? Is there a possibility, to get them out of thet stealth? Games with Sins often end in draws. I end up healing up my pet more, than doing damage against them and knocking them down, does not seem to work. The hardest part for me is, to get them out of stealth.



They are really hard hitting. I'd cope with that, but my biggest problem against them is that I am not able to stunlock them or find a rotation that really hurts them. They are to tanky for my playstile and I never find the opportunity to start bursting against them.


Blade Dancer:

They are comboing me really hard. I don't even remotely know what to do against them. Like Destroyer, it is hard for me to stunlock them, or get them off me. The most annoying part for me is, that they resist my spells even though I wait through half of their spin animation, to hit them. But when I wait too long, their rotation is back up.



Yes I am a newbie but I want to get better. So I looked for guides (FM and summ) but there are none. This is why I try my luck at the forums. I found this Sin youtuber, who really makes great guides like this one:





Are there any Summ/FM guides like this one? It is really hard to become better by "just playing the game" because I do not understand the consequences of my actions and most of my opponents immunities or resists.


PS.: I'm german, not the best english but I hope you'll understand it



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