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Several (in my opinion) faults as of recently

Shini Gami

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I'm sure all of these have come by but I'd like to sum it up and also hear from other players (in a constructive manner) whether they experience the same problems to lesser or more extent.

1. After I entered my pin I need to wait 5-10 minutes until the agreement appears so I can continue.

2. Once I have finally gotten past the agreement it takes a little while for my character to get past 'connecting' and actually get in the queue for Windrest [EU]

3. When in-game I, quite frequently, experience input delay on skills. It's not constant and it's not always to the same extent, but it is quite frequent and disturbing.


All of these problems have only been around for a couple of days and I have checked possible issues on my side, and nothing seems to have changed there.

Can anyone, preferably someone with knowledge on the matter, tell me what the solution is, if there is one. Or whether it is being worked on?


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