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Help for viridian transformation stone!!!!


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I don't believe so. Now, I'm not level cap, but i have ran 4 toons through their 20's, and so far the only quests that provide transformation stones are the story quests, or rare one shot quests.


If you are in need, I'd highly recommend that you start crafting. pick up Stonecutters, Tree Fellers, Potters, and soul shield crafts. Craft what you can as you work up to the transformation stones (soul shield crafts them), and sell what you don't use on the market for funds to continue paying for your crafting. It's not an easy path, but it's the best (possibly only?) path for a f2p who's not running end game stuff. I was able to keep my crafting up this way when i was f2p. took some focus, but it works.

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