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Student pack


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Well played to the staff of this game! 

I bought a student pack 1 week ago just to get premium to skip the worst queue of a game ever, where if a premium joins the queue you get to stay in the queue for 1 more minute.

The premium membership ended today, 1 hour later I had to go handle stuff of my life, and when I come back 2k people are in queue!

Not being able to get in game for an extimate of 2 hours and a real extimative of 4 hours, I decided to go buy another student pack... It is not available anymore.

Not available anymore not because they removed it, but because I can only buy it once, and it doesnt say anywhere that I could only buy once.

Now you may ask, how is this well played? Well instead of me waisting 5 euros, now I have to waste 25 euros just to get through the stupidest queue in this world.

I would like to suggest that you guys add more details about it and to add the ingame store to the website, or atleast give me a way of buying premium ship without having to buy the whole pack, as that is retarded!

I aint rich.

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