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I have a E03008 error


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I had this problem and a big headache till find a solution, because I couldn't uninstall the package to reinstall it. Follow the steps.


First, download the package to reinstall but don't run the program (you need to remove the older, bugged, first).


Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)



Now, download this FixIt (use the link "Advanced-Download to run on a different or disconnected computer").


Diagnose and fix program installing and uninstalling problems automatically



Run the FixIt installer (choose a folder in you hd or pendrive) and wait the download finish.

Ignore the "Launch Fix It" program inside that folder and go to the subfolder \Fix it portable\Resources\Troubleshooters.

Run the "Program_Install_and_Uninstall" app.

Click in the option "Advanced" and uncheck the box "apply repair automatic" (sorry if there's some mistake in labels, since I did this in Portuguese version),

Click Next, wait for detection, and in next window, choose Uninstalling, Wait for the new detection and in next window, choose the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package, click next and wait to finish.

Even if you see some errors at the last screen, don't worry. Close the app and install the package you downloaded. 


This solved my problem. Good luck.

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Lagharto this fixit program helpe dme and i succesfully installed the visual thing but i still have the same problem and i noticed the following thing i have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistribulate, Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistribulate(x64),Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistribulate(x84) but i cant delete these to. Can i still help me maybe?

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I have both x86 and x64 versions of 2005 Redistributable, but, in my case,  that error was related only to the x86 version. As I told, that was enough to solve my problem and I could start the game normally. You can try downloading the package for those versions and following the steps with the FixIt app. If that doesn't works, try contacting support.

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