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updater not working


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i tried to found my problem on forum but i couldnt. ppl getting error but i m not even getting error. just NOTHING. İ downloaded installer and setup. i clicked icon on desktop and game started update. eventually i closed my laptop and went to sleep. cos waited so long but didnt complete.  download speed is going down to 0(zero) and and getting normal but going down to 0 again.


anyway main problem is after that. today  i clicked icon on desktop and i filled my e-mail and pw and click login. and NOTHING. game is not updating. i m not getting error or anything. i tried again and again but didnt solve anything. i closed firewall, antivirus program and other back programs but nothing changed. i reinstalled also but still same. i m filling my email and pw but nothing happening. i hope some1 help me. otherwise i m not gonna play cos i m losing my interest and excitement. and lastly i want to say this; THIS IS THE WORST LAUNCHER/ UPDATER IN MMO HISTORY. just check forums and u will see ton of updater/launcher problem. this is really shameful

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