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Black Narrow Blight Gauntlet upgrade your weapon (help)


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As the title says my weapon requires blight gauntlet to improve the harpoon. I finished twice getting the axe quest was called or smth like this and i didn't got blight gauntlet. I'm in Act 2 in the game and i don't know from where to get blight gauntlet. Help please. I even searched in the market but there was no blight gauntlet in there...

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I'm sorry to say. You gotta run Blackram Narrows and either be lucky and the gauntlet drops, AND you win the bidding contest, OR you gotta be lucky

with the keys and the Blight Weapon Boxes that drops. Sorry. I got it on my 14th run...some needed 30 ++.

Anyway you wanna run the dungeon 10 times for the HP boost!.




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