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Installing error 02018 02019 Manual fix


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I had these problems with the new launcher ,And i found how to fix them manually 

For error 02018 You need a program called ''ISP Monitor''

It shows you if the launcher is downloading or not...As you know the launcher doesn't show your real speed and it keeps dropping speed then after some time it go up 

When the error shows up you just have to keep clicking ''OK" And download over and over again...Well you need to be patient about that...



For error 02019 ,It shows you a file in the error ...You need to find the location of that file and delete it, Cus its damaged ...It will re download it again

After the error shows up DONT click ok.... You need to delete the file that it tells you 1st. Then press ok

You have to be patient about that aswell , It might show you few files so keep doing this untiil it fixed everything






Back up the patch file cus it might delete it self  it named like this "$Patch$"

Remember file repair can delete all your $Patch$ files ...So you must back it up 


I hope this helps



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I tried both as above but still unable to download the missing file as per error 02018. But I found a torrent file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\$Patch$\14\Full_BnS_14.torrent" which download the whole file for client. I go try download using it and maybe it will fix the 02018 error by manually replacing the corrupted/missing file.


Will update soon if it works.

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Sadly there's no peer and only 4 seeder available. my torrent is at 57% completed (+pasted the original file downloaded by the launcher). I hope someone else can do the same as I did so that we all can sync the files that we are missing due to launcher updated error.

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