The most obvious skill-nodes in the skilltree that are probably not working as intended are Flash Step and Cyclone, examples below.   Flash Step: Cyclone:   As you can see Flash Step Tier 3 Stage 1 gives something called "Decreases Flash Step combo cooldown". I have made some tests and I asked around other players and they also reported that this does nothing. If it would do anything, like lets say lower the global cooldown for that skill only, then its so tiny that it is not worth putting any points in. But I did not notice any difference whatsoever with this "upgrade" on this skillnode. Therefore this node is useless and does nothing, please fix this.   Then we have Cyclone. As seen in the screenshot Tier 1 Stage 1 literally does nothing! This seems also like a bug or at least not intended, why would anyone want to spend a point in here if it does not give an advantage? Assuming you have only 1 skillpoint, I am aware of how good the focus buff is after putting in 2 points, im using that myself. However that does not mean putting 1 point in the skillnode should do nothing. Please fix this too.   There are probably more skills that require attention as well but for now I have noticed these to stand out the most. Both skills are usefull for the blademaster class and are considered good to very good, so when they have bugs like these skill nodes that give no advantage to player why would we ever want to put points into them? Right now I wouldnt want to call the class broken but these skillnodes are and they require fixing.   Please consider.