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[FIX] Game Crash Immediately after NCSoft Logo? Check this out!


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For some ungodly reason, ENABLING Razer programs "resolves" the game crash issue that is prevalent as of right now.

EDIT: To prevent game crashing during game-play as a result of the Razer Softwares, simply close them through the Task Manager!

EDIT2: If you're getting an error 4049 message, please ensure that your BNS client.exe is closed before going to the game directory's bin folder and deleting the GameGuard one. It will re-download the GameGuard file and resolve the issue from there!

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For those that got it working by re-enabling the Razer Chroma services, I have a question.

Since there was a well known issue before with sudden crash after few minutes of logging into the game have been some fault of the specific program,

now that you've re-enabled it to get the game going agian, have you experienced same sudden crashes after 10 minutes-ish or so?

Because if that's what's going to happen again, then there's really no fix yet :c

I would appreciate it if someone can post me the result of this, to tell us if they can be logged on for more than 10 minutes after turning Razer services back on.

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1 minute ago, Clazziqual said:

Yeah uh, seems like this fix isn't everything.

Just crashed while going on my second daily dungeon ROFL.

That gave me an idea though, what if we enable them to bypass the game crash, and then disable them when we're in-game?


Hmm interesting.

I'll give that a shot.

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That sounds like a good idea. I really think the issue here is nprotect. Just the fact that the game hangs and you can trigger more than one error sounds like something the anticheat might cause. Thank you for posting this fix, I'm currently in game but I haven't tested it out much.

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16 minutes ago, Clazziqual said:


Could you two try the following:

1) Deleting the GameGuard folder in your BnS/bin directory folder, and
2) Running a File Repair?

Did that... isn't working. 


gonna try enabling razer sdk again.

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