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Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

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Such beautiful creations. Please take a look at my pride and joy, my level 11 blade master.

Here's a sketch of my Lyn summoner ♥♥  

Uf, I've got plenty of drawings of my two characters already ... >w< Here they are. (put a link cuz I don't wanna flood my post with drawings)   http://sloartist-raven.deviantart.

I didn't end up checking this thread again until now, but I have to say... So much pretty artwork!


Keep it up everyone. I love seeing all your different styles.


I will likely have some more stuff to post in the near future~ :3

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I love this thread so much! Been wanting to contribute for ages, especially after seeing all your beautiful characters and art! <3


This is a work in progress of what I hope will be a polished looking drawing of my (at current time) three characters, however I am unsure if I will actually be able to finish it. I've been pretty low on energy recently. Still - this is what I have for now. My yun force master on Hajoon server.




If you are interested, here is a link to my idea sketch over what the final thing might look like, just scribbly stuff while I was watching reruns on television.

- WIP all characters. -


On 3.2.2016 at 10:45 PM, Tiheri said:

Anyone else that played TERA before blade&soul? :'D


I did! Still do, just taking a break is all. NA servers.

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