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About the latest chat filter changes.


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I wonder if we can go even further, by figuring out how and when bots abuse these systems?


For instance, bots won't or will not put an effort to beat certain human difficulty points in the game if they are accounts created just to advertise their sites.


No one is going to spend 5-10 hours on each bot to finish the first 10 chapters for instance. And with the way this game handles combat and skills, a bot mashing skills won't work, and almost all the 'progress' made in main story quest requires you to enter a dungeon, which is done solo generally for the first portion of the game (I don't know if people could do party mode in those early 'tutorial' dungeons).


But locking it behind lv10 means bots will end up going into the field to grind XP and kill mobs, enmass (meaning if they can't beat these mobs with skills, they beat them with sheer numbers).

And I don't think a level restriction is enough.


Character development should be tied to said feature being available because bots don't develop their characters in any decent forms.


Sure I hear from my programming friends that there exists 'advanced' ai bots that can learn and play your mmo and go around every single anti-bot systems, but who's going to pay for such a complex ai?


Though if you do a good job deterring bad elements from plaguing your game, you end up attracting worse elements... (DDOS for example, or threats).

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