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Dungeons Looting - mainly for new players reading


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Hello, there was a maintenance so i got an idea to check forums and maybe learn something new about dungeons and this is what i found....Many posts where are people "blaming" other players that they bid on purple weapons/items they dont even need or cant equip. So i want to share with my thoughts or how it looked in my dungeons:


 Yes people are and will sometimes bid on purple weapons or even blue/purple weapon chests...even i did it once [sorry], but it was only because upgrading...here's the thing [for new players reading], in early game the weapon/acc upgrades are ok, but in mid game u will literally spend all your resources to buy items from marketplace to stay max upgraded...yeah, u dont have to be maxed the whole game, but on the other side why not...it speeds your killing->leveling->soloing...so what to do when u dont have enough silver? u either support gold site [ which i dont recommend, u get banned and more gold people buy, more bots will be in-game for more profit] or you go dungeons where purple items drop...why dungeons with purple items? the higher quality item you use to exp your items, the more XP u get -> faster ranks -> better stats on items ranking


I dont blame or defend anyone either biding on those items or higher level players going lower lvl dungeons to get them...I just wrote this post to say that i understand the both sides of the coin and i hope you dont end with this game because of this game mechanic....

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