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Error ? Please help


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Hello! Today I was playing and I didn't notice anything wrong except there were alot of bots trying to sell gold (as always, but it was literally insane).

After blocking and blocking (reaching the limit 50) a message came and said the server would close in 5 minutes so you had to log out on a safe place (?)

So I did as said and logged out, but after that I haven't been able to start the game. (I just updated, it still doesn't work)

Like, it's normal with signing in and launching the game, it's when I enter the PIN that the whole game closes and a window pops up saying something with error (should I take a screenshot?)

I'd like help on what to do, I recently started playing and idk if I should just wait it out or do something?

(I was playing on the Greenhollow server btw)


Edit: No, I haven't tried turning the PC on and off. Should I?

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