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Few questions regarding classes,weapons.


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I just had a few basic questions, I'm a little experienced in Blade & Soul did participate the cn bns, however due to the lags, I did only early game 1-20

but havent played to much and it was kinda long ago, so here i go my questions.


1: What class would be good for newer less experienced people to blade and soul?

>Myself I enjoy PvP more then a PvE, so its important that the char would be viable for PvP


2: Weapon system,

> How do u get weapon above the early wheel one or the quest one? I think its something that needs to have a look at.


3:  IK sounds stupid but from what level party becomes actually a thing?

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Every single class is viable for PvP, to some extent. When it all comes down, just choose what playstyle fits you.

No point in playing the game with a class you don't like just because it's good in PvP.

I'm an assassin and It's really fun so far, Assassin and Destroyer seem to be the fun classes (in my opinion).



To obtain a weapon from the wheel you will need to kill the boss. After killing the boss, you will loot tokens from it (each token is 1 spin, usually you get 3-4 depending on your contribution to damage). After spinning the wheel, you have a chance to get different stuff like costumes, soul shields and weapons. First wheel will reward you with "Stalker" items. After obtaining a Stalker Weapon Box, you need to use a Key to open it (dailies, quests give those keys) then you will receive a random Stalker weapon like Stalker Axe, Sword, etc.  So it's basically a RNG mechanism, it might take you 15 keys to get the weapon or it might take you 1. Anyways, spinning doesn't require anything aside from token but opening weapon containers requires a key and then an unsealing charm to obtain your item.


3. I'd say around 15-20.



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I know this will sound strange... But I've had good luck with Summoner in both PvE and PvP.


Sadly the pet makes a kinda bad tank (later on at least) because it can't tend to hold aggro (unless you use only the most basic skills), but the fact that at higher levels it can shield you from dying during a fight is priceless not to mention it's daze, stun, knockdown, and knockup skills.


In PvP things are mostly the same. If you opponent ignores your pet, you use your pet to knock him around and evade until your at range again. If he targets your pet first (which has less HP in arena than you) you use that time to hammer him as hard as you can. I am, so far, undefeated in arena on my summoner without having even lost a single round (though both destroyers and kung fu masters can give you a hard time).


Either way, you can easily dish out 40k of damage in one skill rotation even with a staff that's a bit underpowered (I still can't afford my moonwater transformation stone to upgrade mine). If your lucky you will proc multiple chi restores while firing off your heavier skills and just keep the pain train going. Oh and did I mention we can heal off the damage we inflict? Even my basic attack heals for 2% per hit (more if I hit more than 1 mob) and another move (which for the life of me I can't remember the name of) is a AoE DoT which heals both you and your pet based on damage dealt to the enemy while it's in effect and it's only about 8 seconds between uses.


Anyways... That's a recommendation from me.

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