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Summoner at 50(not a rant.)


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Hi, so Im pretty new to the game and I chose summoner mainly because I kept hearing that it was really good at group/world/realm/faction pvp and I am a huge fan of that.


I plan on sticking with this class as I find it immensely fun.  I havent done any pvp yet because Ive been casually leveling (still lvl 22ish)  and I probably wont get to 45 until 50 cap comes when all the classes (sans warlock) get balance haha.


So Im probably gonna miss out on all the *freelo* from playing a summoner.  So I want to ask some advice on how to be good in 1v1 pvp as a summoner in 50 patch.  Ive seen some of the Korean rankings and a summoner made it into the top ten tournament wise, so i know its possible even if they become one of the weakest classes at 50.


So basically my question comes down to this; How do I be good at 1v1 pvp as a summoner once lvl 50 comes?



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People will tell you summoner is OP at 45 but nerfed at 50, which isn't true.

Summoner is just the easiest class to be OK at, and the hardest class to learn to counter.  Once you learn your classes abilities, and SPEC for the fight, summoners become as challenging as any other game.

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