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Why no ban ?


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Its the faction chat that has ruined gameplay... at least for me, really difficult to organize OWPvP against the reds when we cannot read faction chat.


As i said in another thread, this band-aid is not going to stop the flow of blood from the hemorrhage cased by the gold sellers. 

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1 minute ago, Tsuzor said:

well the thing is most gold sellers are using proxy soooo if they ban that ip they will just change the proxy and here we go again 


Yeah the useless Nprotect is suppossed to stop the use of proxy servers... well we know how well it does that....

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11 minutes ago, Tsuzor said:

they are baning em but it takes 2 mins to make new one and start spaming again 

Yes, because it's the work the goldspammer is being paid for. For us players, it's an annoyance. For the gold sellers, it's serious business - money.


But gold selling business has also it's limit. Let's make a theoretical case where you have 1 GM banning gold spammers around the clock. The gold sellers behind would notice that it's useless (more expensive!) to put up so much work getting into the game, so they will start spamming BnS-forums, E-Mails, etc.

There's no use in letting a goldspamer work ingame for 10h/day if he can get only 1 gold spam thru and is instantly banned.


So the gist is, you can fight the gold spamers. The question is: how much are you investing into this fight?

In my old MMO which I also play we have a GM who is occasionally banning goldspammers. Every time he does, he writes something in global chat like "Another goldspammer banhammered!". Of course he can't work in 3 shifts and doesn't get all of the spammers. But at least we KNOW that someone is doing something!


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