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[Need] Full Client BnS

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do a google search for


ncsoft launcher E02018


and you will see there are a bunch of reports that go way back about this problem. one suggestion is to continue clicking confirm until it pushes past that point, but who knows how valid that is. I'm assuming you've checked all the obvious things like you have enough disc space in the game destination and your system drive and things of that sort.


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yup im having the same issue, and when i tried to download the client from the website it gives me this message "Prtigy3i.exe.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. try again later, or contact the server administrator." =(

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Up for this. I got update error cannot download file again but i continue to DL it, but my problem is i tried to DL it in midnight when i'm sleeping my net is ok and no one is using the wifi, tried to DL some files to check if the speed is ok but it is ok then downloading time and look at the speed so sad. :(



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