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LAG Some D/C ONLY IN arena matches


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I dont know about you guys but, ive been playing in arena since before the patch. nothing whats wrong with anything of the game besides server crash but after the patch, I have noticed that I wasn't able to react to anything in arena. When i die I die and stay on the dead screen. It doesn't even bring me back to the reserve area. After it says you have been disconnected from the server. THIS only happens in arena. Outside world pvp, everything outside is fine. Its just arena. Im pretty sure it has nothing to do with my computer. But has anyone else has this issue?


Its been 3 days now i tried arena probably 3 times a day just to get the dailies and hope i win. but if i dont i dont even bother anymore. this game is becoming really bothersome. its hard for me to enjoy arena anymore. id be pressing 1 2 3 4 q w e r, and none of my moves would respond, all i see is my hp getting chunked as my opponent keeps hitting me Until it says defeat and then it puts that exit screen greyed out and stays there for a good 15mins. sometimes it comes back to me sometimes it says d/c. please help.

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I feel you brother.


I sometimes get the "stuck in arena" like you do, and EVERY MATCHES i play in the arena i always experiece 1 - 2 sec delay (when me and the enemy dont move in my screen) and makes me lose again and again. 


And just like you too, i only experience this "delay" and "dead screen" in the arena.


Hope they'll fix it.

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