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Spiel stürzt nach 5min ab

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We are currently investigating an issue where certain services are causing issues with the Blade & Soul Client.  We are working hard on a fix to address these issues, in the meantime we recommend disabling these services via the below steps:


If you are having issues with the Blade & Soul client crashing to desktop, try disabling the Razer Chroma SDK Service and Razer Game Scanner Service.

Steps to turn off Razer Chroma SDK Service and Razer Game Scanner Service:

  1. Press CTRL, ALT, DEL and open the Task Manager

  2. Select "Services"

  3. Locate "Razer Chroma SDK Service" and select it

  4. Select the "Services" button on lower right

  5. Locate "Razer Chroma SDK Service" again, select "Actions" then "Stop"

  6. Select "Actions" again and choose "Properties"

  7. Open the "Startup type" drop box, and select "Disabled", then “Apply” and “OK”



If you are experiencing issues with skill delay, turn off ASUSGameFirstService:

  1. Hit the START button, and in the search box type: services.msc

  2. Locate "ASUSGameFirstService"

  3. Right-click "ASUSGameFirstService" and got to "Properties"

  4. Change the "Startup type:" option to "Disabled"

  5. Press "Apply", then "Okay"


This service may also be displayed as "cFosSpeed" "XFast LAN" or "Gigabyte Speed"



Weiss nicht obs das auf Deutsch gibt aber eventuell hilft euch das weiter

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