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Gold Spammer: Can not be reported, blocked or deleted

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www.aywgames.com is the players name. It's spamming in party search on Juwol (NA) and it won't stop spamming. When you try to block them it says "Player can not be blocked", and you can not report them, delete them, mute them, nothing. It's so bad you can't even see chat. The spam is happening every 1 second. Someone needs to actually get onto the server to remove this guy


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The shear number of bots currently in game is overwhelming and something needs to be done fast. I suggest a Gm or higher log in and start banning accounts and if that doesn't work on cutting down their numbers then try banning the logged IP and if that doesn't work do a country wide ban posting why such an action had to be taken. Either way it must be fixed.

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