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Unable to progress story quest


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Before the rollback a few days ago, I was having a problem with progressing the main story quest. I put in a ticket, and that night the rollback happened and I was good to go. Unfortunately, the ticket stayed open and there seems to be no way to close it. Two days ago I ran into another main story quest glitch at the start of Act IV, and again I created a ticket. They closed the newer ticket saying it was being attached to the original, but I can't see any of the details and I am still unable to progress the quest. Is there no way to flag GMs in game for game breaking issues like this? Its pretty frustrating.


So anyways, the actual problem I am currently experiencing is on Chapter 1. To the Silverfrost Mountains. I try to read the letter, and it doesn't progress. There is no letter in my inventory, and my only options in the dialogue are to either select a quest or exit the dialogue. Anyone else having similar issues? The last one I had a problem with was in Act III with a similar quest that required reading a letter.

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