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Scheduled Maintenance – 1/27/2016


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Starting at January 27 3:00 AM PST / January 27 11:00 AM UTC, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 4 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting.


Below are the list of changes introduced within the update:

  • The amount of Hongmoon Keys and Hongmoon Unsealing Charms obtained from certain quests has been increased
  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash when using the Spar Request function in PvP Arena
  • Fixed an issue where the “Blue Porcelain” and “Scarlet Shade” costumes could not be put within the Wardrobe
  • Lowered the amount of Salt Lake Crystals required for the quest “Top Chef” from 7 to 5
  • The Healing Tonic given during the tutorial quest will now be bound to the hotkey 8 by default
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to skip NPC dialogue by using the “F” key during a cinematic
  • Fixed certain chat commands (emotes) which were not working in French and German
  • Fixed an issue where items bought from the Hongmoon Store in French or German would display the English name in the mailbox

  • Fixed various localization issues


Based on the community's feedback, we have implemented the below highly requested features:

  • We have added a level 10 or below chat restriction for Region, Faction and Party Finder Chat Channels
  • We have removed the level restriction to report a bot or spammer
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Greetings everyone,


The maintenance is now completed on all North American Servers. The European maintenance is still on-going but will be over soon. We will update this thread as soon as the maintenance will be over on European Servers.


Thank you again for your patience.

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We are currently aware of a display issue affecting whispers sent to other players. The (Whisper)Recipient part is located at the end of the message as pictured below:




This issue does not affect the /whisper functionality at all. At this time we are unable to confirm when this issue will be resolved.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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