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Don't click mindlessly, a scam trick!


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When you don't set a limit for an item, people will sometimes just spam Y to push up the bid from coppers to silvers.

There are some people (I'm not giving names) that will put up a couple gold during this Y spam, in the hope that someone will fall for the trick. 

If no one falls for it, they instantly leave the dungeon/party so that they don't have to pay for it.

Ofcourse this can go wrong for them by instantly everyone cancelling their bid, making them pay, but be aware that this is possible and don't get scammed out of your gold, if you see it happen to yourself, leave the party immediately.

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I didn't read this whole thread.


I regularly bid up items to close to the value they normally go for, for numerous reasons.


1. I don't want to wait an hour while you all bid 1 copper back and fourth. So I'm just going to drop a silver or two right off the bat to end the trolling.


2. If someone is trying to big dick the group and is constantly spamming y, I'm going to throw a gold or a high silver number during a few auctions to stop them from doing this because its time wasting and annoying.


3. If someone is the same class as me, and doesn't have deep pockets, I will try to tax them extra so they cant outbid me on shared item needs.


I also frequently upbid stuff I know people need, that way I can use the extra copper to bid on trash to upgrade my gear.



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