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Running into context skill issues for pvp situations as Assassin..


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So what I'm wanting to do is spec into this: bae64f4d7d.jpg


and this: 0d93703778.jpg


I'm attempting to stun with Spinal Tap while staying in stealth, do a couple quick RMB+F (Heart Stab + Dark Strike) during the stun, and then go on with the rest of the combo (kick up, aerial hit, web, reset, etc)..  
However, as soon as I stun them, I can't do any Dark Strikes while they're stunned because the context skill for F changes to Close Shave, which breaks me out of stealth. And only hitting RMB while they're stunned results in lower damage with more focus loss since I don't have Dark Strike going on.
Is there any way to get around this, or can I just not do the RMB+F combo against a stunned target while being specced into Close Shave?

And if that's the case, should I choose Close Shave over Tier 3 Spinal Tap, or vice versa? Thanks!



edit: Hmm this may not be the best place for this post so I made another in General just in case. Either way if someone replies, thank you!

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Don't start with spinal tap in stealth, use shadowslip or X to get onto an enemy and get a couple RMB-F's quickly, then spinal tap and continue the combo as normal (if the opponent uses their guard ability, you can just guard break it and not even waste focus on spinal tap). With close shave, if you use spinal tap right away, all you can do is RMB and like you said, that just drains focus without doing too much; and like mentioned above, if you don't find yourself using close shave normally, don't take the talent because it'll just screw up what you're trying to do. The way it seems to me, you either want close shave or you want spinal tap to not break stealth, having both is just going to screw things up; either way you now have extra points to put into something else.

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