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 "Disconnected from server.(2000)(132,154)"


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17 hours ago, Saslant said:

But there is no problem when i enter with cellphone's internet.


You actually get to character select on your cellular? I've been assuming the error's due to the fact that servers are still down because of maintenance.


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2 minutes ago, chimmie said:

also have an error to login... maitenance should be over already else why we able to download the update...
typical when you start to like a game they screw shit up like this so not able to login or play.... 

Again, that they allowed us to download the patch doesnt means we are able to play, a lot of game companys do that in order to let players download it before they open the servers in case they want to play as soon as its opened.



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47 minutes ago, Saslant said:

There is the same error when the servers are open anyway


You still got the"Disconnected from server (2000)(132,154)" error? 
I have looked stuff up and the only 3 things i could find:

1) Server is updating
-> if not then 2) Shut pc down, restart and try again.
--> Still not working 3) Remove the guard client from the installed folder, restart game, repair files and retry.

Otherwise, I am afraid I can't help you. Good luck.

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