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So, which part of the story did I miss? *spoilers*


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We killed the guys working for Yonkai.

Then we go apesh*t in the village until the ghost of our master tells us that violence is evil and we shall not be evil.

We still have to safe the villagers from Yonkai's wrath, though.

But we musn't kill Yonkai since that would be evil.

So, we agree to work for Yonkai.

Which means that we kill a few hundred innocent men among the way.





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Beats me. I don't understand how the "path of justice" is anything but killing Yonkai and letting the villagers live. Apparently the more noble thing to do is run errands and murder for a crazed dictator.

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The players understand that the game has a linear story, however the story has so many plot holes, so many illogical actions. We kill maybe thousands on men working for Yonkai, hundreds of thousands of humans, as well as innocent creatures for quests. So, our characters have no problem with killing. So here are my three thoughts on Yonkai;

1_Why is Yonkai unprotected? He stand there with a couple dudes that are only as strong as the bulbari.
2_Why don't the villagers just kill Yonkai, as there are almost no guards protecting him on the open?
3_Why do we, as the mighty players we are, not kill Yonkai, who would probably die if he tripped over his own foot and rolled down the sand hills?

Many of these stories are so illogical, I know it is just a localization, so they can't change it, but it looks like a 10 year old wrote the story without much thought.

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Considering that some of the soldiers working under Yonkai don't care for him either, I'm amazed none of them have tried assassinating him already.


And, when our character finally thinks "maybe we should kill Yonkai", Soha's like "no, that wouldn't be right, that's not the Hongmoon way".


He's working people to death and terrorizing a village to the point where the people living there would sooner ostracize anyone who doesn't bow their head. Sometimes the only way to save more people is to kill off the bad ones right then and there.


Apparently, NCSoft NA did some meddling with the main storyline too...which doesn't bode well.



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This dialogue just happened after my character said ''We should kill Yonkai''.

This is a horrible story line. I killed countless men of Yonkai without a blink, I have devastated the natural habitats of many innocent creatures for their materials, I have turned brainwashed villagers in to ash, I have never hesitated to even purge the souls of innocent spirits! I killed more than you can even count, and you are telling me killing Yonkai is not the Path of Hongmoon. Since we didn't kill him, he already worked half the villagers to death, then burned their corpses in front of everybody, and now you are telling me...killing him is not the path of hongmoon...yes...maybe it isnt. Maybe my path is devastation and I am destined to watch everything crumble to dust, every innocent bone shattered, every head shoved into pikes.

My character, and this story is senseless. 

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