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Repair error in game launcher.


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I wasn't sure if this was the right section for this, but I've had a lot of problems downloading this game...

It's been 3 days since I've started fiddling with all this... I'm about to snap.
At first my connections kept jumping in the launcher, and I had tons of errors there.

So, I decided to download the torrent instead.
Now that that's all fixed, I decided to repair the files, but guess what? 
30% in it has an error saying it can't download a file. This is the same file I had trouble with the first time.
I really want to play this game, but these errors are making it impossible to do so.

I've reinstalled the launcher, but it's still giving me errors.

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Thanks for posting on the player to player support forum.


I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the game launcher, restart your computer, then run the repair. That usually fixes all the issues. You can download just the launcher here:




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